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Specializing in high performance transmissions for muscle cars, street rods, and drag racing 



Do you have a transmission in your muscle car, hot rod, street rod, bracket racer, or 4x4 that is tired and in need of a rebuild? I specialize in high performance automatic transmissions for rear wheel drive cars, trucks, and drag racing applications

I completely disassemble, clean, inspect, rebuild, and upgrade the transmission to handle your performance needs. I also warranty my transmissions for 6 months regardless of the application or mileage. The transmission I build for you will last longer, and shift better than the franchise shop or assembly line built transmission because of my attention to detail. I measure all clutch pack clearances, enlarge fluid circuits, replace weak OEM internal parts, and build in my own shift improvement modifications. I only use high quality parts (see below)  in my rebuild process to insure firm tire chirping shifts, durability,  AND LOWER ET's


I also sell torque converters, and install trans brakes, manual valve bodies , deep transmission pans, and Ultra bells at additional cost. Please contact me for pricing.